Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chi Exercises for Illness Prevention

CHI BATHING... by Kavisha

 This is an exercise taught to me by Andy .
When you are feeling under par or not well, try Qi (chi) bathing. Chi means energy. Where ever you are, (you can be sitting or lying down ): conciously let the universal Qi into the top of your head from the sky and the bottom of your feet from the earth  and let it circulate round the body.You can also heighten this sensation by curling the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth while the Qi circulates. Imagine this positive energy that is available freely from the universe to be pouring into you and healing you and bathing you. 

If you have a painful area bring your conciousness deeply into that spot.It also works with emotional pain.Think of your problem then feel where  it is in your may notice a tightening in the throat or your heart area or stomach...You can send a shot of consciousness to this area and deeply let yourself feel the pain without commenting mentally and notice what happens when you bring conciousness to that place. How to do it ?  Breathe deeply and bring your attention and  loving healing intention to that place in the body.Thich Na Hanh ,the buddhist monk says you can say to your body part that is playing up  "I love you and Thankyou! "then  you may notice the feeling there....again without comment..just notice what happens when you bring conciousness to the situation.

I found this cute picture below that seems to explain it all just  purr-fectly!:))) Lie back and enjoy! 
Give yourself a little self care and love!Learn from the cats we know and love!
You can also do this practise whether you're on a bus, or  standing in a queue waiting...or even at a boring meeting in the office ! No one will ever know!:) ALSO...

I have added a link to a You tube of the
 Qi Gong practise for Immune Boosting .i found recently here it is ...enjoy!Its very good if you want to ward off any sickness or even better as an everyday practise.

You can also do the powerful and effective practice of  Immune boosting qi gong..

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