Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wu Wei School Of Internal Martial Arts & Meditation in Central Victoria.

                      Andy Green at the Lao Tzu Temple on Mt Wudang China 2013

Welcome to our site!
The director of Wu Wei School of  Internal Martial Arts and Meditation, Andy Green is happy to be continuing ongoing classes in Castlemaine and invites you to discover the art of Chinese Internal Martial Arts and Meditation.

Wu Wei means effortless effort . It is  a key principle in the Taoist philosophy."Internal " refers to the energy cultivation that is central to the subtle arts of Tai Chi , Bagua and XingYi from ancient China.

The classes will involve both active and passive Qigong practices - (wonderful for physical and mental health ) Beijing 24 and the famous "Mother Fist", the original Sang Feng 13 Form which is named after the founder of Tai Chi ,Chang Sang Feng who created it in the 14th century CE.

Yang style practices will also be taught as well as Bagua forms .The internal martial arts give one a great sense of body confidence, fluidity, grace and internal power .The classes are ongoing, friendly,  relaxed and held in an atmosphere of respect and non-rivalry.You can join in at any time .
Beginners are welcome.