Monday, May 16, 2011

Qi Gong with a tree

                      Kavisha with an ancient Ginko Biloba tree in Mount Wudang China

The  Ancient Taoists  held great reverence for trees and did many of their energetic practices with trees. Modern Daoists still do them today. The original Bagua circle walking meditation was inspired by the Daoist practices of circle walking  in meditation around a tree. The Daoists, through their observations realised the healing properties of trees and that trees were natural wells of " Qi" (energy or life force)  They created exercises to cultivate their own energy by quieting their minds  and tuned in thus being in harmony with the tree. 

This Sacred Ginko tree is 320 years old.The Red Ribbons hanging from it are wishes or prayers that are tied around a rock then tossed into the tree branches. It is said that when the ribbon frays and the cloth breaks apart, your prayer will get answered. This tree is said to be 320 years old and lives just outside the Temple of Perpetual Peace in the Wudang Mountains.

To practice Qi Gong with a tree, one simple way is you can hug the tree or lean against it. Breathe slowly, tuning into the energy of the tree. You will eventually feel the energy circulating between yourself and the tree and feel your energy replenished. This is good especially when you have jet lag or need to feel grounded. But in any case it's still enjoyable, regardless!

© Kavisha