Monday, December 17, 2012

What we do in the class...


 5 element Qi Gong, 8 silk Brocade ,Immune Boosting Qi Gong,3 Golden Treasures Qi Gong,5 Animals Qi Gong,1008 Fist Qi Gong, Bagua Qi Gong,bagua Harmony palms Qi Gong.100 Circle Bagua Qi Gong.

Beijing 24, Long Yang Frame 108,

Wudang Tai Chi Zheng Sang Feng 13 - Mother Fist,
3 Treasures Wudang Tai Chi, Wu Xing Chuan

 WEAPONS - Yang Style fan 18 and 36,Yang Style Sword and Sabre (wooden), Bagua deer hooks

BAGUA FORMS - Cheng Style, Badadjiang 8 fighting Palms, Bagua 9 Palace Gong, Bagua Swimming Dragon,

Other forms: Xing Yi (five element fists, Xing Yi composite form fists + animals) Fast Tai Chi (Dong family form)

The classes  are one and a half hours long. They contain some warm up stretches, calming and energizing Qi Gong (energy) exercises as well as the short Yang style Beijing 24 form and Bagua.We will also be learning the Zheng Sang Feng Tai Chi 13 which is the mother form of all Tai Chi and originates in the sacred Taoist Mountain Mt.Wudang in Wudangshan South West China.

The classes are friendly , fun ,yet also challenging!
Bringing confidence to your body and peace to your mind,
 beginners are welcome and can join at any time.

ON going Classes - you can join any time. 
No certificates or competitions.
Watercourse way.

Private lessons are available by appointment 

                                                           Contact Andy 0416 149 738